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  • Redefining Luxury

    Go CampingRedefining Luxury

    We’ve been thinking a lot over the years about what luxury means. It’s a term that gets thrown around a lot in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Historically, it’s meant “rare and expensive things”, which is fine. However, there’s another luxury we’re starting to see. It’s less about expensive things, more about how people are choosing to live their lives. Luxury is not a watch, car, or handbag. Luxury is freedom and independence. It’s choosing to live by your own set of rules, and tossing the old ones in the trash.

    “Luxury” today has been turned mainstream, and is now used as a way to get people to buy-in to a certain perception of social status. However, when everybody has access to this “luxury” it stops being luxury, and becomes just a more expensive way to keep up with the Jones’. It’s very evident here in Los Angeles where we’re headquartered. Take a drive through one of the cheesier neighborhoods and Mercedes outnumber Hondas. The funny thing about LA is that most of those Mercedes are owned (leased) by people who are renting overpriced apartments, and living beyond their means. Or consider modern luxury lifestyle brands, most of which are made in China for pennies on the dollar. Is a Louis Vuitton bag a luxury item if it was made for $20 by a Chinese 12 year old?

    THERE’S ANOTHER WAY! It’s time to shed the trappings of “big luxury”, and consider “small luxury”. Ditch the car altogether. Bike, subway, or walk. Can’t do that? Then spend some time in the nearest urban center, get out of your car, and go explore. Bypass any and all chain restaurants and retailers, and find people and businesses who are doing really cool shit. Check out new neighborhoods, have a pint at a local micro brewer, and do it on foot or on bike. Find the artisan crafted handbag hand made by a local designer (that will last a lifetime). Start making these discoveries, and pretty soon you’ll start to notice the sad faces on the driver of the Escalade, or S Class as they are waiting at a red light, contemplating their hour long commute back to their overpriced subdivision.

    Lose the big box retail. Know that there are tons of options out there for luxury life living at a reasonable price. And a lot of it is made, curated, stocked, and distributed by independently minded people who are defying convention, and re-writing the rulebook. Seek out local entrepreneurs and businesses that are putting money back into your community. Hit up a farmers market. Find people in your community who are creating their own luxury lifestyles. It’s happening all around, and is easy to find… if not in your physical community, then in your social and online community. Jet Set; companies like air B&B, which didn’t exist a few years back, make travel accessible. Take advantage, and go see the world. Social networks make it easier than ever to find like minded people. Connect with those people through shared interest, and opportunities start to pop up everywhere.

    We’ve pondered and asked ourselves what we truly value. Time with friends, less stress, the ability to travel and see new cities, meeting interesting people who are taking risks, foregoing the cubicle, living life in a way that fosters independence and freedom… these are the things that we perceive as luxury. This is how we are able to live like rock stars without succumbing to “big luxury”. We’ll leave that to the Kardashians of the world.

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  • The evolution of ride culture

    Bikes have always been cool, but now they’re moving into our culture in a more profound way. They’re all over the place all of the sudden: stores are using them as props in their display windows, traffic lanes are disappearing in NYC and being replaced with bike lanes… and we at RIOT are no different. Bikes are a part of our lives‹The RIOT Life. (more…)

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  • DIY Guide: A Guys tee made into a fun top

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  • Sub_Uban RIOT is Unique LA’s Designer Spotlight

    more here on

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  • We’re Diggin’ Joshua Spencer Photography

    Check it out at:

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  • Labor Day Sale Extended Through 9/11/11

    Labor Day Sale. Today through Sunday, 9/11/11.
    30% off everything in the store, including sale items.
    Promo Code: labor11
    Also, new Fall items available.

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  • Pool Tradeshow: Las Vegas

         Come visit Sub_Urban RIOT at the Pool Tradeshow this week, August 22nd, 23rd and 24th. We will be at booth #920 showing new holiday and spring lines, plus our custom RIOT/Fairdale Fixie!

    More info at and @pooltradeshow.

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  • Unique LA Show This Weekend

         Don’t forget to visit us and over 250 local designers and artists this weekend at the first annual Unique LA Summer Show! It’s all happening at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica on Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 6pm each day. More info is at and on Facebook.

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  • 1st Annual Unique LA Summer Show

         Unique LA will be holding their first annual Summer Show on the weekend of July 30th and 31st, from 11am to 6pm each day. Come on over to Barker Hangar in Santa Monica and see Sub_Urban RIOT, along with over 250 local designers and artists. Buy tickets online here. More info is at

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